• Seems very stiff, tight muscles 
  • Seems very floppy, like a rag doll 
  • Head still flops back when body is pulled to sitting position (by 5 months still exhibits head lag) 
  • Shows no affection for the person who cares for them 
  • Doesn’t seem to enjoy being around people 
  • One or both eyes consistently turn in or out 
  • Respond with big smiles by age 5 months? 
  • Turn and look in response to new sounds by age 6 months? 
  • Persistent tearing, eye drainage, or sensitivity to light 
  • Does not respond to sounds around them 
  • Has difficulty getting objects to mouth 
  • Does not turn head to locate sounds by 4 months 
  • Doesn’t roll over (stomach to back) by 6 months 
  • Cannot sit with help by 6 months (not by themselves) 
  • Does not laugh or make squealing sounds by 5 months 
  • Does not actively reach for objects by 6 months 
  • Does not follow objects with both eyes 
  • Does not bear some weight on legs by 5 months

This list is to be used as a resource only. If you have any concerns based on this list, please contact your child’s pediatrician. An evaluation of their development may need to be done.

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