• Cannot throw a ball overhand 
  • Does not grasp a crayon between thumb and fingers 
  • Does not engage in fantasy play 
  • Can not differentiate between fantasy and reality 
  • Exhibits extremely aggressive, fearful or timid behavior 
  • Resists dressing, sleeping, using the toilet 
  • Does not use "me" and "you" correctly 
  • Shows undue anxiety when presented with new situations (ie. Changes in routines or going to a birthday party) 
  • Seems “off topic” or makes inappropriate remarks to conversation even though she/he is very verbal 
  • Become “out of control” in unstructured settings 
  • Hit rather than using words to work through conflicts 
  • Have a difficult time in social or academic type settings even though he/she appears very bright 
  • Avoids other children or adults 
  • Difficulty cooperating with peers or participating in group activities even though very verbal 
  • Unusually passive 
  • Unable to express wide range of emotions 
  • Appears sad or unhappy most of the time 
  • Easily distracted and/or unable to concentrate on an activity for more than 5 minutes


This list is to be used as a resource only. If you have any concerns based on this list, please contact your child’s pediatrician. An evaluation of their development may need to be done.

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