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Wow.  Easter is right around the corner!  I love Easter, mostly because it means that spring is here and summer is right around the corner!  We can finally say GOODBYE to the cold and get ready for sandal weather!!  WOOT WOOT!!  Seeing all the Easter decorations popping up, has inspired a new speech therapy activity and I found some super cute Easter clip art to use with it!

A very common deficit area in my current caseload is irregular verbs and it feels as though you can never have enough activities to work on this.  My clients aren't the only ones that get bored from the same activities over and over.  

The cute Easter eggs that I found seemed perfect for an irregular verbs task....check out all the ways you can use this new activity:

Irregular Verbs

 Grab this fun verb activity here!

This activity is jam packed with goodness.  Each different variation of the game has a goal to go with it.  There are multiple game variations and 2 Homework pages.  One sheet that has preset verbs and one that is blank so that you can fill it in with the verbs that your student needs some extra work on.   

  • Verb Tense ID: Have your students identify verbs as present tense or past tense by putting past tense verbs in the past tense basket and present tense verbs in the present tense basket.
  •  Verb Matching: Through a memory game, have your students match up the past tense verb with its present tense counterpart.
  • Sentence Building: Have your student use the verb in a sentence.  Variation: Have them repeat a modeled sentence or have them identify if the verb was used appropriately in a given sentence.

 I always find that it works best to have the student create their own sentence with the verb and/ or identify a good sentence vs. a bad sentence.  I see a huge improvement in their ability to self-correct in spontaneous speech when they improve with these skills.    Often in therapy I will use our "You be the JUDGE" dot activity.  It's a FREEBIE,  grab it here.


You be the judge


You can use "You be the JUDGE" with a multitude of goals.  Just grab a marker, stickers or dauber and start rating those sentences!! 

Hope you find this activity useful for your students!!  Don't forget to follow us on TPT so you can get your hands on all of our useful products!


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Jennifer Getch

Jennifer Getch, MA. CCC-SLP has been practicing Speech Language Pathology in the medical field since 2004 and in private practice since 2009.  She graduated from The Ohio State University with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.  She is the founder of NW Speech Therapy and currently works with children with various speech and language disorders.  In her spare time she creates therapy activities and spends time with her husband and 2 children.

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