4 Step Sequencing Strips


We are so excited about a new product that we have been using in therapy.  One of the most frequently used goals among the kids that come through our clinic is SEQUENCING goals.  Out of shear necessity we developed these sequencing strips and our kids absolutely LOVE them! 



Sequencing Strips


One of the best thing about them is that they require NO COLOR and we limited the ink usage as much as possible!  They are very versatile.  Paste them to craft sticks or strips of paper or running low on time or resources...just use the strips by themselves.


 sequencing strips


Our older clients can work on perfecting their reading skills by reading the steps out loud.  We may also leave one step out and ask the child what they think will happen next.  

 4 Step Sequencing Strips

You can find these on our TPT store here

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