1st Blogiversary


I am so excited to be celebrating my first ever Blogiversary.  And to make it even more celebratory it happens to be Better Speech and Hearing Month.  There are some amazing things heading your way for the remainder of the month including introducing a brand new Speech Therapy website that will be launching soon that all you speechies out there do not want to miss out on and a few freebies and giveaways are included as well mostly because, in my opinion, there shouldn’t be a Blogiversary without a few freebies and a giveaway!!    

Starting a blog was a LONG time coming and I have to admit that I still have SO much to learn.  I wanted an avenue to share information with colleagues and parents as well as to celebrate all that is speech therapy, a career that I absolutely love.  It has been an added blessing to be able to personally connect with my readers, answer questions and learn from you all as well.  There is nothing more rewarding than being a speech therapist.   Time and time again I am shown that.  I also love the freedom it gives me.  I can venture down so many different roads being a speech therapist and even when I get that dreaded school loan bill each month I still can’t help but feel absolutely blessed that I chose this profession.   

For anyone reading that may not know what Better Speech and Hearing month is…..It is a month dedicated to building awareness of speech, language and hearing disorders.  There is so much that Speech Therapy encompasses and so much that we do.  It is often a misunderstood profession.  A Speech Therapist is trained to evaluate and treat a variety of disorders with individuals from birth to adult.  We can do this in a variety of settings.  As a speech therapist I feel I have to take on several roles:

  • Teacher
  • Friend
  • Colleague
  • Counselor
  • Mediator
  • Researcher
  • Collaborator and that’s still only naming a few..

Because of how involved being a Speech Therapist can be it is nice to be able to collaborate and share with other professionals.  Being an Independent Speech Therapist like myself, you don’t always have the opportunity to connect with other professionals and can often feel left out of the loop.  That’s one of the reasons that I utilize online resources and connect with other amazing speech therapists.  I recently became aware of a team of professional that were looking to make connecting with other speech therapists easier and I jumped at the chance to be a part of it.

I am very excited to be supporting an amazing new website being made just for Speech Therapists called Speechtivities.   It will be the FIRST one stop online marketplace for Speech Therapists to get any and everything they may need to easily and effectively do their job.  And if they want to become a seller, they can get paid while doing it. 


Speechtivities will be going into Beta phase soon and is currently offering Speech therapists that sign up some amazing prelaunch deals.    By the time it has gone into full launch mode, therapists will have the ability to buy, sell and share both self created digital products as well as physical products that they may no longer have use for.  In addition, it will have continuing education and job opportunity boards, the ability for app developers to sell their apps and an interactive forum but that’s still not all they plan to offer.  Anything you can think of that is related to speech therapy, this site will have.  The Speechtivities team is working hard to make a user friendly site that allows therapists the opportunity to collaborate, create, share, network and support each other in this amazing profession that we love. 

Don’t forget to check out their landing page at www.Speechtivities.com.  Once there you can sign up to get in on the prelaunch deals and email them with any additional questions you may have.  You might also consider following Speechtivities on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Speechtivities and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/speechtivities.    Nothing like this has been done before and I feel that it will help make our jobs much easier and help support us in what we do and need as well as offer us amazing compensation for all the creativity that we possess. 

And now on to your favorite part…..To properly celebrate our Blogiversary we will be holding a giveaway with some awesome prizes.    We will be giving away a $25 Amazon giftcard.  I am an absolute Amazon junkie and I’m sure that any of you could put this one to great use. 

Amazon giftcard giveaway 

And we are giving away not one but two $10 Starbucks giftcards to help keep you up on those late nights of laminating and cutting out materials.

,Starbucks giftcard giveaway


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Make sure you are following us on Facebook or Twitter so that you do not miss out on the Freebies that will be shared anytime between now and the end of the month.   If you haven’t already downloaded our past freebies be sure to grab those below.

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Thanks for helping us celebrate!  If you have any ideas or suggestions for blog posts or areas that you are interested in reading more about comment below!!  We greatly appreciate all your love and support!


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