What's in your cart: Linky Party!

I can't believe the school year is just around the corner.  In honor of TPT's Back to School sale I am linking up with Speech Room News to share what is in my cart just in time for the TPT Back to school sale.  My store will be 20% off and with the code: BTS15 you can save up to 28%.  

 linky party

There are so many amazing and talented SLP's out there that it is too easy to have a TPT wishlist that is a mile long and even though I would love to buy every single one of the products on my wishlist I sometimes have to pick and choose.  It's linky parties like this one that really help to narrow things down.

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What I learned this summer!!

 frenzied SLP's

Hey Guys,  It's Jenn from NW Speech Therapy Blog and I am so excited to link up with The Frenzied SLP’s and bring you the best thing I learned this summer.  Technically my summer is only half way over.  I am on the west coast and our kids don’t go back to school until September so luckily I have time to learn even more things this summer, however, my favorite take away from this summer so far is the idea that LESS IS MORE!  I know, a simple concept right?  I agree but sometimes its the simple things that you easily forget.  This concept can be applied to so many things that have happened this summer and thankfully allowed for so many different areas of GROWTH and DISCOVERY.  To better explain what I mean, lets start back at the beginning.  


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A Day in the Life

I am so happy to be among the amazing SLP's that have been sharing a Day in their life!  Thanks to Lyndsey for dreaming up this blog idea.  It has been so much fun to get a glimpse into what these SLP's deal with each day!   

As for me, my day is made up of MANY things.  I'm sure we are all aware that Speech Therapists wear many hats and I am no exception to this.  I am Mom, Wife, SLP, Business owner, Entrepreneur, Gardener, and all around health nut!  Since I am on the west coast, my kids are actually still in school but only until tomorrow.  We are all so excited and ready for summer!!  This year has been the craziest yet and we are hoping for some fun in the sun and some lazy days!


Do I have a TYPICAL day?  No, not really.  My day usually starts at around 8:00 because that is the very latest I can get out of bed and still get everything done in the morning to get my son, B, off to school. I start my day off right with a glass of my Ionix (this stuff is PURE GOLD for the busy mama)

and then get B on the bus by 9 and head back to the house to start work.  One of my goals of opening my own private practice was to have time to do the typical stay at home mom things like getting my son on and off the bus.  I like being there to wish him a good day and to see how his day went when he comes home. The flexibility in that can not be beat. 

I transition between my home office, our clinic office and my husbands office as needed throughout the day.  I pretty much go where ever I am needed at the time and that is why I have to switch gears OFTEN through out the day.  It definitely makes the day go by fast but unfortunately often makes the day feel like a blur so sticky notes are my best friend!  If I don't write down something I am supposed to do then chances are it went right out the other ear.         

I have a private practice where I manage about 10 therapists and because we have grown so big, I spend less and less time in the therapy room myself.  Although I LOVE the business side of things I do miss the one on one with the kiddos!  I am lucky in the fact that my therapists are pretty independent in the way they work so I don't have to micromanage them but dealing with the business stuff takes up plenty of my time so there is always something to do.  I also am the entire Human Resources dept for my husbands business and manage payroll, new hires, client billing, etc.  This also feels like a full-time job most weeks but my husband is a great partner and we really work together to make sure everything gets accomplished.  In addition I have a few side ventures that I have started or are apart of an fortunately I love everything that I do however, if something did have to give on day; I am not sure which I would be able to let go of.

I try to jam pack as much as I can get done into the time between 9:15 and 4.  At 4:15 my son is usually coming off the bus.  I would love to say that at this point in life I have mastered the work/life balance but sadly that is just not true.  It is a work in progress.  When we get back to the house, I ask B about his day, get him a snack and send him outside or to the neighbors to play.  I continue to work until about 5:30 when my husband gets home.  We usually then teamwork dinner but these days we are cleansing so we grab our yummy shakes and we figure out something for the kids.  After dinner I help B tackle homework, get things accomplished around the house and try to find some time to relax.  My downtime usually consists of exploring Pinterest or coming up with ideas for Speech Therapy products.

My husband and I share bed time activities so either one of us is usually putting B to bed and reading him a book before he reads to us.  This is still one of my favorite times of the day.  We usually try to take some time just the two of us after B is in bed but sometimes we are still "putting out fires" or preparing for the next day.  Some days are smooth, some are rough but in the end we balance things pretty well.  I couldn't make it through without my hubby though.  We truly are an amazing team!   


Well, I hope you enjoyed a peek inside my day.

Don't miss out on next weeks "A Day in the Life.." brought to you by Daria O'Brien of Kathryn Teaching 


Chicken Soup for the SLP Soul: Funny Edition Linky Party

I linked up with the Dabbling Speechie to share a Funny SLP story from my career!

Chicken Soup for the SLP soul

 I think most SLP's would say that you either have one of those days when you are laughing the whole day or you have one of those days that you just want to pull your hair out.  It is those days of laughter that help us make it through.  I love thinking about all the "kid-isms" that have occurred throughout my career.  Luckily I feel that I have had more of those days then the hair pulling out ones but either way I just love being an SLP! 

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Speech Trading Post & a Giveaway

Speech Trading Post


I'm so excited to join some of my Speechie friends in the first ever Speech Trading Post hosted by Kim & Angela from Sounds Like Fun.  We were randomly paired with a partner and given the ability to choose one product from their store.  Our partner was able to choose one product from our store and then we agreed to use the product in therapy and give our followers our thoughts on it.  I paired up with Mary from Old School Speech.  She is newer to selling but has already put together some really great products.  We choose her "The Icky Sticky Frog" Book Companion".

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4 Step Sequencing Strips


We are so excited about a new product that we have been using in therapy.  One of the most frequently used goals among the kids that come through our clinic is SEQUENCING goals.  Out of shear necessity we developed these sequencing strips and our kids absolutely LOVE them! 


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For the Love of Speech Blog Hop

For the love of speech blog hop

Yay!  Love is in the air.  What better way to ring in February then a blog hop with my SLP blogger buddies!  You can pick up tons of free speech therapy materials by following along and visiting each SLP's blog (FYI: the last few will take you to Facebook pages).  Who doesn't love a FREEBIE!  So get ready and HOP on!

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Snowman Final Sounds & Pacing Boards

It's that time of year when lights are going up, Christmas trees are being decorated, the weather is getting colder and kids are getting ready for Santa.  I love this time of year.  It is also a fun time of year for my clients.  They love when I bring out activities that are Christmas themed.  I think it reminds them that Christmas break is right around the corner.  I work on final sounds with a number of my clients and thought that it would be fun to "Christmas-ize" a final sound activity that I use often in therapy.  

Snowman Final Sounds and Pacing Boards

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Freebie-licious Friday Roundup

 Freebie-licious Friday Roundup

October 2nd, 2014

This week for "Freebie-licious Friday Roundup" we are sharing some great free resources from www.speechtivities.com Freebie Pinterest board!  You can find 21 freebies on this board at this time.  Be sure to follow this board so you don't miss out on new freebies added to it.  No matter if you are looking for materials on articulation, language, pacing, office/organizational documents, grammar, AAC, or storytelling, there is something for everyone.    

Check it out!  Speechtivities Freebie Board

Speechtivities Freebie Board


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